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Dead To Me "Little Brother"

After blasting onto the scene with their fantastically popular debut release, "Cuban Ballerina," Dead To Me are back with their second offering, "Little Brother." Utilizing their collective talents and experience gained while playing in such varied bands as One Man Army, Heavens and Western Addiction, Dead To Me have crafted another masterpiece. The album is saturated with unforgettable melodies, earnestly belted out by the dueling lead vocals of Jack and Chicken, and as a whole, displays the band's maturation and songwriting prowess. Now available on vinyl. Vinyl version includes a download card good for one free download of the album in MP3 format.

Track Listing:

1. Dont Wanna
2. Arrhythmic Palpitations
3. Little Brother
4. Ran That Scam
5. Whats Wrong