Revelation CD

Battery "Whatever It Takes..." $11.00
Bluebird "s/t" $6.00
Bold "The Search: 1985 - 1989" $11.00
Call Me Lightning "The Trouble We're In" $11.00
Capital "Homefront" $11.00
Christiansen "Stylish Nihilists" $11.00
Curl Up And Die "The One Above All, The End Of All That Is" $11.00
Curl Up And Die "Unfortunately We're Not Robots" $11.00
Drowningman "How They Light Cigarettes in Prison" $6.00
Drowningman "Rock And Roll Killing Machine" $11.00
End Of A Year Self Defense Family "Sincerely" $11.00
Fall Silent "Drunken Violence" $11.00
Fastbreak "Whenever You're Ready" $11.00
Gameface "Always On" $11.00
Garrison "A Mile in Cold Water" $11.00
Garrison "Be A Criminal" $11.00
Garrison "The Bend Before The Break" $6.00
Gracer "Voices Travel" $11.00
Into Another "Ignaurus" from $11.00
Judge "What It Meant: The Complete Discography" $11.00
Living Hell "The Lost And The Damned" $11.00
On The Might Of Princes "Sirens" $11.00
Pitch Black "This Is The Modern Sound" $11.00
Right Brigade "s/t"
Out of Stock
Shades Apart "Seeing Things" $11.00
Shai Hulud "A Comprehensive Retrospective Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Release Bad And Useless Recordings" $11.00
Since By Man "Pictures From The Hotel Apocalypse" $11.00
Since By Man "We Sing The Body Electric" $11.00
Speak 714 "Knee Deep In Guilt"
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State Of The Nation "s/t" $11.00
Temper Temper "s/t" $11.00
The Judas Factor "Ballads In Blue China" $11.00
The Judas Factor "Kiss Suicide" $6.00
The Nerve Agents "Days Of The White Owl" $11.00
The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower "Love In The Fascist Brothel" $11.00
The Twilight Transmission "The Dance of Destruction" $11.00
V/A "Past Present" $11.00
V/A "Revelation Records 2004 Collection" $5.00
Violent Reaction "Marching On" from $11.00
Where Fear and Weapons Meet "The Weapon" $11.00
Whirlpool "Liquid Glass" $11.00
Whirlpool "s/t" $11.00
Will Haven "Carpe Diem" $11.00
Will Haven "WHVN" $11.00