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Curl Up And Die "Unfortunately We're Not Robots"

Curl Up And Die's debut full length "Unfortunately We're Not Robots" brings forth 15 punishing tracks of choatic metal-core not unlike Converge, Coalesce, Botch and "Until Your Heart..." era Cave-In. This material is light years ahead of any of the bands previous efforts.

Track Listing:

1. We
2. Are
3. All
4. Dead
5. 100 M.p.h. Vomit Dedicated To Jon
6. On The Run From Johnny Law Ain't No Trip To Cleveland
7. Ted Nugent Goes Aol
8. Total Pandemonium
9. Doctor Doom, A Man Of Science, Doesn't Believe In Jesus,
10. Why The Fuck Do You
11. You'd Be Cuter If I Shot You In The Face
12. Make Like A Computer And Get With The Program
13. Your Idea Of Facism And Global Intervention Makes Me Puke
14. I Lost My Job To A Machine
15. Kissing You Is Like Licking An Ashtray
16. Rich Hall (runner Up In A Carson Daly Lookalike Contest)