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Ice Age "Dead Kings"

Ice Age may be a new band, but its members have helped form some of Long Island, NY's most well-known and important hardcore/punk outfits. With only a four-song demo under their belts, the drive of current and former members of This Is Hell and The Backup Plan has given birth to a new band with the experience of any scene veterans. The debut album "Dead Kings" promises a varied approach at the hardcore/ metal genre, comparable to everyone from hardcore legend's Sick Of It All, to genre-crossing hybrids like Unbroken. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Dead Kings
2. Diseases Of The Blood
3. We Are Forsaken
4. Confidence Men
5. My Own Luca Brasi
6. Somnambulist
7. Law Of Diminishing Returns
8. The Gemini Lounge
9. Honor Among Thieves
10. Bird Of Prey
11. Martyrs
12. Our Pathogen
13. Retire