Fu Manchu "California Crossing Demos"

Fanclub surfacing of these great demos for Fu Manchu's 2002 album on Mammoth Records, the last to feature Brant Bjork on drums. Recorded as a full album of demos in a proper pre-production studio at the time, and much more RAWK than the final produced album. Includes the track "Planet Of The Ape Hangers" that did not make it to the official album, but was a bonus track on the Japanese CD at one point.

Track Listing:

1. Separate Kingdom
2. California Crossing
3. Mongoose
4. Thinkin' Out Loud
5. Hang On
6. Wiz Kid
7. Squash That Fly
8. Ampn'
9. Downtown In Dogtown
10. Bultaco
11. Planet Of The Ape Hangers
12. The Wasteoid