Triple-B Records


Forced Order "One Last Prayer"

"One Last Prayer" is the latest offering from Southern California's Forced Order. Their first release on Triple-B continues where their last full-length, "Vanished Crusade," left off, wasting no time by leading off with the intense opening title track. Like the pioneers in metallic hardcore before them, Forced Order combines the crushing power of Hatebreed with the manic fury of Integrity to create an entirely new, chaotic sound. New pressing now available on gold vinyl and limited to 200 copies. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. One Last Prayer
2. False Power
3. Miasma Of Pain
4. Perpetual Dusk
5. Blood Ritual
6. Tears Will Fall
7. The Paradox
8. Votive Mirror
9. Thousand Knives
10. Through Devastation
11. Play Dead
12. Consecration/Winter Resistance