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Farside "The Monroe Doctrine"


Farside was a melodic punk band from Orange County, CA, founded in 1989. Many current bands have cited Farside as an influence, and it's clear that their music left a lasting impression on their dedicated and loyal fan base. "The Monroe Doctrine," the band's final album, was the culmination of ten years of progression for the band and reflects their diverse mixture of punk, post-punk, indie, and pop melodies. New pressing now available on mint green vinyl.

642 Mint Green

Track Listing:

1. Better Than Crying
2. I'm Not Shy, I Just Don't Like You
3. I Hope You're Unhappy
4. Seven-Day Constant
5. Statues Of Snow
6. My Man Harvey Milk
7. Moral Straightjacket
8. The Lonesome Ballad Of El Bobo The Cranky
9. Liz Hurley
10. Teach Me How To Die
11. Bled
12. This Pill Is Hard To Swallow
13. Too Much, Too Late
14. The Slowdance
15. Blue Highway