Dischord Records


Faith "Subject To Change Plus First Demo"


Forming from the ashes of local DC bands SOA and The Untouchables, Faith were short-lived but had a profound impact on the early hardcore scene before members moved on to bands like Rites Of Spring and Embrace. This LP collects their 1982 "Subject To Change" record and their first demo from 1981, 19 tracks total. Vinyl version includes free album download.

Track Listing:

1. Aware
2. Say No More
3. Limitations
4. No Choice
5. Untitled
6. Subject To Change
7. More Of The Same
8. Slowdown
9. You're X'd (demo)
10. Don't Tell Me (demo)
11. In The Black (demo)
12. In Control (demo)
13. It's Time (demo)
14. Another Victim (demo)
15. Nightmare (demo)
16. Trapped (demo)
17. No Choice (demo)
18. Confusion (demo)
19. What's Wrong With Me (demo)