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Entombed "Left Hand Path"

Left Hand Path defined the "Swedish sound" replicated by hundreds of other acts and came to represent the primal death-metal sound that was to break through into the mainstream in the early-1990s. Entombed were the first extreme metal band to enter the charts in their native Sweden, before becoming an international success. Formed in the late-'80s, Entombed was originally called Nihilist and had a huge reputation on the underground death-metal scene. Now available again on vinyl. Imported from the UK.

Track Listing:

1. Left Hand Path
2. Drowned
3. Revel In Flesh
4. When Life Has Ceased
5. Supposed To Rot
6. But Life Goes On
7. Biter Loss
8. Morbid Devourment
9. Abnormally Deceased
10. The Truth Beyond