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Death By Stereo "If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die"


Originally released in 1999, this is the classic debut from Orange County, CA's Death By Stereo. In the last two decades, Death By Stereo has continued to play, tour, and release records - but even after all this time, this first album has endured and these songs still make it into every setlist. New pressing now available on silver vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Sing Along With The Patriotic Punks
2. No Cuts, No Butts, No Coconuts
3. Sow The Seeds
4. Sticks & Bones
5. Bet Against Me, You Lose
6. 1 Legged Man In An Ass Kicking Contest
7. A Day In The Sun
8. Looking Out For #1
9. Turn The Page
10. Death Conspiracy
11. Don't Believe Everything You Think
12. Fooled By Your Smile
13. Home Of The Brave