The Numero Group


Crimpshrine "The Sound Of A New World Being Born"


Before Green Day, Operation Ivy and Lookout! Records put the East Bay's burgeoning punk scene on the map, a trio of Berkeley kids were reinventing the genre with music that was melodic but full of feedback and a singer who sounded like he gargled glass. "The Sound Of A New World Being Born" compiles Crimpshrine's two Lookout! singles, "Sleep, What's That?" and "Quit Talkin' Claude...," with a handful of compilation and split 7" tracks. In cooperation with the band, The Numero Group remastered the 16-track album and freshened up the accompanying poster to make the perfect legacy edition of this '80s punk classic.

Track Listing:

1. Another Day
2. Rearranged
3. Bricks
4. Sleep, What's That?
6. 2nd Generation Junkies
7. In My Mind
8. Tomorrow
9. Butterflies
10. Situation
11. The Direction Of Things To Come
12. Sanctuary
13. My Friend
14. The Tour
15. Easy Answers
16. Inspiration