Puke N Vomit Records


Circle One "Demos & Comp"

Furious and raw hardcore from one of the most infamous and legendary bands to emerge from Southern California. This LP from Puke N Vomit Records rounds up their sought after pre-"Patterns Of Force" demos from 1980 and 1981 along with rare comp tracks, officially available for the first time on vinyl. For fans of Necros, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Sin 34, Dr. Know, and Wasted Youth. LP includes postcard and sticker.

Track Listing:

1. Nothing (demo)
2. One Chord (demo)
3. In This City (demo)
4. F.O. (demo)
5. GI Combat (demo)
6. L-R-L (demo)
7. Red Machine (demo)
8. High School Society (demo)
9. Plastic Life (demo)
10. Relics From The Past (demo)
11. Are You Afraid (demo)
12. WAP (demo)
13. God Bless America (demo)
14. Highway Patrolmen (demo)
15. Hate Lust Filth + Greed
16. Going Against The Grain