Trustkill Records


Brother's Keeper / Disembodied "Oxymoron (Split)"

Your favorite posi-rockers from Erie, PA, team up with your favorite metalheads from Minneapolis, MN, to bring you the most anticipated split of the year. Three brand new tracks from each band, each a paradigm of their own unique sound. Prepare for the Quicksand cover by Disembodied, and the Danzig cover by Brother's Keeper. Absolutely each band's best material to date, proving why each has gained so much popularity over the last couple years. Although each band is the polar opposite of one another, you just gotta' love both of them for doing what they both do so well. Fans of all types of hardcore will appreciate this little treat.

Track Listing:

1. Disembodied - Stigma
2. Disembodied - Obfuscate
3. Disembodied - Dine Alone
4. Brother's Keeper - Losing Is My Favorite Sport
5. Brother's Keeper - Namedropper
6. Brother's Keeper - Twist Of Cain