Relapse Records


Baroness "Blue Record"

The sister recording to 2007's "Red Album," "Blue Record" is an instantly-classic album, with all the peaks and valleys, textures and nuances that timeless records yield over repeated listens. Deep and dark; "Blue Record" overflows with gossamer melodies and striking, earnest riffs that have become the band's signature. "Swollen And Halo," "Jake Leg," "War, Wisdom And Rhyme" and "The Sweetest Curse" are just a few of the tracks that are both instant and unforgettable, making "Blue Record" the most poignant moment in the Baroness canon to date. Vinyl version includes download card for digital copy of album.

Track Listing:

1. Bullhead's Psalm
2. The Sweetest Curse
3. Jake Leg
4. Steel That Sleeps The Eye
5. Swollen And Halo
6. Ogeechee Hymnal
7. A Horse Called Golgotha
8. O'er Hell And Hide
9. War, Wisdom And Rhyme
10. Blackpowder Orchard
11. The Gnashing
12. Bullhead's Lament