Rebellion Records


Backfire! "Angry God"


"Angry God" is the first new material of the M-town Rebels since 2016 and the band's first full-length in well over a decade. Never before have the gods of European hardcore delivered an album on which they sounded so old school and typically Backfire! on one hand, but as refreshing and renewing as they do on the other. Going strong for nearly three decades already, but the band still manages to reinvent itself on "Angry God" and does so with anger and style. Imported from the Netherlands.

Track Listing:

1. Out Of The Spotlights
2. Real Me
3. Empty Shell
4. Final Days
5. Rotten Souls
6. Angry God
7. Black Hole
8. No Spiritual Surrender
9. Call My Name
10. Lights Out
11. Still In The Trenches
12. Praise Be