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Attitude Adjustment "The Collection"

Pioneering the crossover/thrash scene, Attitude Adjustment formed in 1985 in the Bay Area and spent their years playing alongside D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies, Dr. Know, C.O.C, R.K.L., Death Angel and more, and put out three records, all of which are collected on this disc, including "American Paranoia" and "No More Mr. Nice Guy" that were both released on Pushead's Pusmort label and "Out Of Hand." All of these releases have been out of print for years and are highly sought-after.

Track Listing:

1. Grey World
2. Dope Fiend
3. Hunger And Poverty
4. Fuck Chuck
5. Dead Serious
6. Johnny
7. Attitude Adjustment
9. In The Center
10. Bombs
11. American Paranoia
12. Warfear
13. Streetwise
14. Working Class Pride
15. Rambo
16. Incredible End
17. Born To Lose
18. To Be Different
19. Endless Sight
20. No Explanation
21. Pay The Price
22. Attitude Adjustment
23. Satan Is God
24. My Head's A Mess
25. Royalties
26. My Problem Is...
27. Grey World
28. Intro
29. Feel My Pain
30. Power Of Control
31. I Can't Forgive
32. Bed Of Nails
33. Sab Song
34. The Truth
35. Scarred For Life
36. The Way I Am
37. There's No Doubt
38. Swastika Troops