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Ambitions "Stranger"


Ambitions' "Stranger" is the debut full-length for the band from Connecticut quickly making a name for themselves. Very quickly. Building off their EP, "Question," Ambitions takes traditional hardcore and mixes influences from Bad Religion, Quicksand, and even DC hardcore like Dag Nasty and Fugazi to make a unique sound all their own.

Track Listing:

1. "The Habit Of Despair Is Worse Than Despair Itself"
2. The Illusion
3. Sinking
4. Fact Remains
5. Calamity
6. Rapid Succession
7. Overstep
8. Postscript
9. Stranger
10. Losing Control
11. Culmination (Of My Life's Work)
12. Between Breaths
13. Redemptive Soul