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Poured Out "To The Point Of Death"

Poured Out is back with their debut full-length, "To The Point Of Death." Riding the wave of their self-released EP success, Poured Out comes correct with their '90s-era aggressive blend of hardcore and metalcore. A year in the making, "To The Point Of Death" builds on the "Blind Heart" EP foundation, digging deeper into the dark complexities of emotion and redemption. Now available on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download and is limited to 250 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Dementia
2. Enslavement To The Substance
3. Silhouette Of Grief
4. Apathy | Nothing
5. Arrogance
6. 5-101
7. Weeping...
8. ...And Gnashing Of Teeth
9. Remember Me
10. Fear Tactics
11. Humankind Suicide
12. To The Point Of Death
13. Victim Of My Own Hate