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Nations Afire / Lastlight "Violence/Exploding Antennae"

The "Violence/Exploding Antennae" split LP combines two original O.C. hardcore acts' EPs on one release. Heavy, melodic rock outfit Nations Afire features current and ex-members of Rise Against, Ignite, Death By Stereo, Lucky Scars, and Great Collapse. Lastlight features current and former members of Shiners Club, Unity, Ignite, Outspoken, and Man Will Surrender. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Nations Afire - I'm A Brick In The Ocean
2. Nations Afire - Violence
3. Nations Afire - Another Reverie
4. Nations Afire - Left Behind
5. Nations Afire - Dead To Rights
6. Nations Afire - Sifting Through Ash
7. Lastlight - Moment Of Sanctity
8. Lastlight - Neurons Crash/Soft Worlds Die
9. Lastlight - Trapped Inside The Dashed Lines
10. Lastlight - Exploding Antennae
11. Lastlight - Designed To Divide