Delayed Gratification Records


En Love "Love Will Drown The Nest / Like Someone En Love"


"Love Will Drown The Nest" is the follow-up to 2018's "Like Someone En Love," serving six new tracks of hardcore punk laced with West Coast powerviolence on 12" vinyl. Along with releasing of these new songs, this will include the band's 2018 demo "Like Someone En Love" on the B-side. So, this full-length features all of the bands recorded output to date. Limited edition of 261 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Poacher's Discard
2. Bodies Carried Over Doves
3. Billow Of Cherubs
4. Harsh Moon
5. Rats Will Float Atop Their Kin
6. Hounds In High Stakes
7. Mass Of Teeth
8. Therapeutic You
9. Snake Eat Snake
10. Nite Bites Back
11. Gnawing Pains
12. Love Woven Is Love Undone