No Sleep Records


Drug Church "Paul Walker"

Consisting of Patrick Kindlon (vocals, End Of A Year, Self Defense Family), Chris Villeneuve (drums), Nick Cogan (guitar), Cory Galusha (guitar) and Pat Wynne (bass), Drug Church is the sound garbage makes when thrown off a roof into the dumpster your dickhead boss rented for your underpaying contractor gig. Borrowing heavily from bands like Seaweed and Quicksand, Drug Church released their debut self-titled EP as the perfect record to listen to as you skate home from your night shift cleaning up puke in the bathroom of a Steak & Shake. 2013 rolled around, the guys took a break from delivering pizzas and entered the studio to record their first full-length, "Paul Walker"; surely named for their secret obsession with "Varsity Blues" and "Eight Below." Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Thinking About Joining Drug Church
2. Reading Youtube Comments
3. Clifton Country
4. Shopping For A Belt
5. Donny's Woods
6. Learning To Speak British (For A Big Role)
7. Attending A Cousin's Birthday Party
8. Deconstructing Snapcase
9. Thrill Hill
10. Riding The Bus To Schenectady