Life & Death Brigade


Contrast / Constraint "Split"

Two of the Midwest’s best kept secrets return with four tracks or blistering hardcore. Constraint has members of Inclination, Wicked Garden. and Nine Eyes, and bring a sense of urgency. Tyler’s uncompromising vocals are reminiscent of Earth Crisis but with the scalding ferocity of Strife. Contrast is made up of members of Spine and Devil's Den, and could be the offspring of Integrity and 100 Demons, hard-as-nails riffs and Antonio’s vicious vocal attack make you want to bulldoze everything in sight. Hardcore is alive and well in 2019.<br>

Track Listing:

1. Contrast - Alone
2. Contrast - Ain't Time To Forgive
3. Constraint - Rise Of The Warrior Cop
4. Constraint - LDB