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Baptists "Beacon Of Faith"

"Beacon Of Faith" broadly follows the same trajectory as the album's predecessors, "Bushcraft" (2013), and "Bloodmines" (2014) - combining raw adrenaline-fueled emotion, venomous vocal delivery, gigantic guitar sound, and a visceral rhythmic propulsion - a sonic manifestation of desolate rage, bolstered by a palpable sense of urgency. "Beacon Of Faith" is densely-packed yet Baptists' sound is far from claustrophobic, there is melody amongst the dissonance, as the band more deeply explore the noise rock vistas that have always underpinned their sound. "Beacon Of Faith" was recorded at GodCity in Salem, MA, with Kurt Ballou in July 2017, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR. Now available on vinyl with a gatefold cover.

Track Listing:

1. Worse Than Hate
2. Absolved Of Life/Spent Cells
3. Beacon Of Faith
4. Gift Taker
5. Capsule
6. Outbreeding
7. Vicarious Trauma
8. Victim Service
9. Indigo Child
10. Eulogy Template
11. Bevel Down
12. Carbide
13. Nostrovia