•  Still Dedicated

Still Dedicated


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Originally on Victory Records, "Still Dedicated" was this European band's introduction to the Western Hemisphere and is now available for its 20th anniversary through I Scream Records. With releases also on Century Media, Kingfisher!, and GSR, the band was part of the upper echelon of European hardcore bands of the late-'90s and 2000s with a NYHC-inspired sound similar to Killing Time and Sick Of It All.
Track Listing :
  1. Waiting For My Time
  2. Trapped In The Maze
  3. Don't Stay
  4. The Way I Live
  5. I Remember
  6. Freedom
  7. There's A Difference
  8. Don't Wanna Die Young
  9. No Turning Back
  10. Buried In The Fields
  11. Leave It Behind
  12. Still Dedicated

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