•  12th House Rock
Narrow Head

12th House Rock

2xLP / CD

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There is a closeness at the heart of Turnover's aptly titled new album, "Altogether." Though it's the first collection the trio has written while living on opposite coasts, the record actually represents the group's most collaborative and connected work to date, showcasing the intuitive, near-telepathic relationship frontman Austin Getz has developed over the years with his bandmates.
Track Listing :
  1. Yer' Song
  2. Ponderosa Sun Club
  3. Stuttering Stanley
  4. 12th House
  5. Hard To Swallow
  6. Crankcase
  7. Nodding Off
  8. Night Tryst
  9. Emmadazey
  10. Wastrel
  11. Delano Door
  12. Bulma
  13. Evangeline Dream

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