•  Change Is A Sound
Strike Anywhere

Change Is A Sound

LP (Color Vinyl)

  • $21.00

Strike Anywhere's 11-song, debut full-length is for the youth possessed of all ages. Positive, melodic hardcore with punk-rock soul in which heartfelt, revolutionary messages for the mind and heart are communicated. Defiant, unbroken, and uncompromising, it is fast, catchy, emotional hardcore, and sing-a-long punk in the tradition of the genre's finest. Now available again on colored vinyl.
Track Listing :
  1. You're Fired
  2. Timebomb Generation
  3. Refusal
  4. Laughter In A Police State
  5. Sunset On 32nd
  6. Detonation
  7. Riot Of Words
  8. S.S.T.
  9. Chalkline
  10. Three On A Match
  11. My Design

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