•  The Albums 1978-87
Cock Sparrer

The Albums 1978-87

CD Box Set

  • $30.00

Four-CD, 53-track clamshell box featuring all the releases by Cock Sparrer between 1978-87. Current Cock Sparrer guitarist Daryl Smith has overseen the whole project with full input from the band. The booklet features sleeve notes and pictures of all the relevant singles, many now ultra-rare and expensive punk collector's items. Now available again on CD. Imported from the UK.
Track Listing :
  1. We Love You
  2. Sister Suzie
  3. Platinum Blonde
  4. Taken For A Ride (We Think You Don't)
  5. Again And Again
  6. Runnin' Riot
  7. Chip On My Shoulder
  8. Watcha Gonna Do About It
  9. Teenage Heart
  10. I Need A Witness
  11. Sunday Stripper (bonus track)
  12. Trouble On The Terraces (bonus track)
  13. What's It Like To Be Old (bonus track)
  14. Run For Cover (bonus track)
  15. What's It Like To Be Old (second version) (bonus track)
  16. Where Are They Now?
  17. Riot Squad
  18. Working
  19. Take 'Em All
  20. We're Coming Back
  21. Watch Your Back
  22. I Got Your Number
  23. Secret Army
  24. Droogs Don't Run
  25. Out On An Island
  26. England Belongs To Me (bonus track)
  27. Argy Bargy (bonus track)
  28. Colonel Bogey (bonus track)
  29. Run With The Blind
  30. Is Anybody There?
  31. Price Too High To Pay
  32. Think Again
  33. Don't Say A Word
  34. The Sun Says
  35. They Mean Murder
  36. Closedown
  37. Chip On My Shoulder (live)
  38. Runnin' Riot (live)
  39. The Sun Says ("Oi!" LP version) (bonus track)
  40. Riot Squad
  41. Watch Your Back
  42. I Got Your Number
  43. Take 'Em All
  44. We Love You
  45. Working
  46. Argy Bargy
  47. Where Are They Now?
  48. White Riot
  49. Runnin' Riot
  50. The Sun Says
  51. Secret Army
  52. England Belongs To Me
  53. Chip On My Shoulder

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