•  Guilty As Charged 2009
Cock Sparrer

Guilty As Charged 2009


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This is the celebrated, 2009 remix/re-recorded version of the band's third studio album. Contains, as a bonus, the rare "Run Away Johnny" EP, which itself featured a re-working of the "Oi! The Album" classic, "Sunday Stripper." Guitarist Daryl Smith oversaw not only the re-mixing of the album, but also the entirely new artwork. Now available again on CD. Imported from the UK.
Track Listing :
  1. Get A Rope
  2. Because You're Young
  3. Bird Trouble
  4. Don't Blame Us
  5. Roads To Freedom (2009 edit)
  6. Last Train To Dagenham
  7. I Fit Central Heating (Working Part 2)
  8. Strip
  9. Crack In The Mirror
  10. We Know How To Live
  11. Tough Guys
  12. Run Away Johnny (bonus track)
  13. Why Can't You See? (bonus track)
  14. Sunday Stripper (1995) (bonus track)
  15. Roads To Freedom (full version) (bonus track)

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