•  Messiahs


LP (Color Vinyl)

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Fall is a four-piece, chaotic/melodic hardcore band from Louisville, KY, where songwriting and storytelling go hand in hand. With "Messiahs," Fall cuts a path with discordant beats, harmonious breakdowns, and impassioned vocals while telling a story that blurs the politics of religion and the religion of politics together. Limited edition of 300 copies.
Track Listing :
  1. Pride Cometh...
  2. " Said The Last Adam To The Abyss The Moment After His Final Breath
  3. Barabbas
  4. Principalities: On Kings And Their Civil Lies
  5. Decreation (demo)
  6. Warmonger (demo)
  7. Night (demo)
  8. Ghosts (demo)

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