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Ease Me


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Oathbreaker returns with their latest release, "Ease Me." The song was initially released as part of the Adult Swim's "Metal Swim 2" compilation in 2019. The track now sees a proper physical release along with diverse remixes/reinterpretations from incredible artists Jesu, Chelsea Wolfe, Wife, and Michael A. Muller, adding new dimensions of sound to the richly emotional track. 12"ep includes digital download.
Track Listing :
  1. Ease Me
  2. Ease Me (Jesu remix)
  3. Ease Me (Wife remix)
  4. Ease Me (Chelsea Wolfe remix)
  5. Ease Me (Micheal A. Muller remix)

Tags: Oathbreaker, Ease Me, 12"ep, Music, hardcore, punk