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Boston Manor's third full-length, "Glue," is the sound of a band questioning the state of the world around them. Inevitably, in a critical examination of the modern world, it comes from a dark place, but one that fuelled the five-piece to create a body of work that elevates their craft further than ever before. Its 13 highly-charged songs came out of a process that singer Henry Cox describes as "very chaotic," but the result is a truly ferocious album - one that both draws and moves on from what they've done in the past, incorporating the gloomy atmospherics of 2018's "Welcome To The Neighbourhood" with the highly-charged yet melodic punk of 2016's debut "Be Nothing." Now available on CD.
Track Listing :
  1. Everything Is Ordinary
  2. 1's & 0's
  3. Plasticine Dreams
  4. Terrible Love
  5. On A High Ledge
  6. Only1
  7. You, Me & The Class War
  8. Playing God
  9. Brand New Kids
  10. Ratking
  11. Stuck In The Mud
  12. Liquid
  13. Monolith

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