•  Balboa Fun Zone

Balboa Fun Zone

LP (Color Vinyl)

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"Balboa Fun Zone" is the third studio album by the American punk rock band the Adolescents, originally released in 1988 on Triple X Records. Titled after the "Balboa Fun Zone" amusement area of Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, it is the band's only album recorded without singer Tony "Reflex" Brandenburg, who had left the group the prior year. Electing not to replace him, guitarist Rikk Agnew and bassist Steve Soto alternated lead vocals on "Balboa Fun Zone." Now available agin on colored vinyl.
Track Listing :
  1. Balboa Fun Zone (Riot On The Beach)
  2. Just Like Before
  3. Instant Karma
  4. Alone Against The World
  5. Allen Hotel
  6. Frustrated
  7. Surf Yogi
  8. Genius In Pain
  9. Its Tattoo Time
  10. Til' She Comes Down
  11. Modern Day Napoleon
  12. I'm A Victim
  13. Balboa Fun Zone (It's In Your Touch)

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