•  Punishment Park
Big Cheese

Punishment Park


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A well-oiled machine, Big Cheese present to you their trailblazing debut full-length, "Punishment Park," which nods to sounds from the demo and 7" but pushes the boat out even further, incorporating thrashier riffs and hard-rock licks akin to Motorhead. You can feel the power as soon as opener "Pennine Scrubs" hits, taking you on a journey through unpredictable riff after atomic bomb-inducing breakdown. There is no room to breathe here.
Track Listing :
  1. Pennine Scrubs
  2. Mad At The World
  3. IFMB
  4. Heartbreak Ball
  5. Tired Children In D Minor
  6. Punishment Park
  7. Write-Off
  8. Tower To The Sun
  9. Identity

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