•  Printer's Devil

Printer's Devil

LP (Color Vinyl)

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"Printer's Devil" was recorded live at Decade Music Studios in Chicago, IL, and was produced by the band and engineer Erik Rasmussen. Upheaval and change are clear themes spread throughout the songs of "Printer's Devil," but the moments of uncertainty are embraced as a necessary part of growing. And through it all, Ratboys' dynamics still beautifully thread together the kinds of intimate folk songs and devastating alt-country tracks that fans have come to expect from them. LP includes lossless audio download.
Track Listing :
  1. Alien With A Sleep Mask On
  2. Look To
  3. My Hands Grow
  4. A Vision
  5. Anj
  6. I Go Out At Night
  7. Victorian Slumhouse
  8. Clever Hans
  9. Listening
  10. Printer's Devil

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