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Hello Bastards


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While the majority of bands who comprised the sudden burst of early-'90s hardcore began disbanding or finding themselves creatively spent, Lifetime deftly reinvented their sound, style, and substance, made a new home for themselves at Jade Tree, and then proceeded to release one of the most influential punk albums of the decade. All that in just a little over a half-hour? Believe it. Now available again on vinyl.
Track Listing :
  1. Daneurysm
  2. Rodeo Clown
  3. Anchor
  4. I'm Not Calling You
  5. Bobby Truck Tricks
  6. (The Gym Is) Neutral Territory
  7. I Like You OK
  8. It's Not Funny Anymore
  9. Irony Is For Suckers
  10. What She Said
  11. Knives Bats Tats
  12. Ostrichsized

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