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Get It Together


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"Get It Together" is a uniquely fresh-eyed and youthful rallying cry, tempered with anger, heartache, and a dash of hardcore rage and virtuosity that belies their relatively short tenure as a band. MakeWar is a mighty, bi-lingual Voltron that is equal parts Venezuela (Jose - guitar/vocals), Columbia (Edwin - bass/vocals), and Florida (Greg - drums). MakeWar may not be the ones to personally usher in the revolution, but they're damn sure going to be the soundtrack. Vinyl version includes digital download.
Track Listing :
  1. Hopeless Dreamers
  2. My Bones
  3. No Excuses
  4. Squeeze
  5. No Mas
  6. American Futbol
  7. Sails
  8. Inmunda Realidad
  9. Oh, Brother
  10. Hands On The Tyrant
  11. Get It Together

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