•  War Music

War Music

LP (Color Vinyl / White)

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Refused need little introduction, as the Umea, Sweden, band made one of the most important punk albums of the '90s, "The Shape Of Punk To Come." Refused reunited in 2012, and in 2014 released "Freedom" on Epitaph Records. Refused and Spinefarm/Search And Destroy Records now release "War Music," which continues to find the band blazing new paths in the hardcore and punk underworld. This is the white vinyl version.
Track Listing :
  1. REV001
  2. Violent Reaction
  3. I Wanna Watch The World Burn
  4. Blood Red
  5. Malfire
  6. Turn The Cross
  7. Damaged III
  8. Death In Vannas
  9. The Infamous Left
  10. Economy Of Death

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