•  There's A Lot Of It About

There's A Lot Of It About


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After a long hiatus (yet again), one of the UK's most notable and unique punk exports, Snuff, are back with a brand-new full-length. "There's A Lot Of It About" is a return to that trademark Snuff sound that took up where The Specials left off, turning abandoned dancehalls into adrenaline filled clubs where punks, mods, and skins all stage dived together. Twelve classic tracks with horns, hooks, and catchy melodies that exemplify just why they have survived for over 30 years make certain "There's A Lot Of It About" will quickly be considered among the best albums of Snuff's vast catalog. Vinyl version includes digital download.
Track Listing :
  1. Kings Of The Spanish Oi Scene
  2. Summer's Over
  3. Love Hearts
  4. Dippy Egg
  5. Kiss My Ring
  6. A Smile Gets A Smile
  7. Hey Boff!
  8. Patient Zero
  9. Big Shot
  10. Bob's Song
  11. Gyoza
  12. Job And Knock

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