•  Broken In Refraction

Broken In Refraction

LP (Color Vinyl) / CD

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Cut from the same cloth as recent heavyweights like Vein, Knocked Loose, and Jesus Piece, Long Island. NY's Sanction follows-up a crushing 12"ep with their debut LP, "Broken In Refraction." This full-length harnesses the power of '90s, metallic hardcore in both sound and presentation. Vinyl version includes digital download. This is the indie store exclusive version on white and purple swirl vinyl, limited to 500 copies.
Track Listing :
  1. ...An Empty Thought
  2. The Final Fraction
  3. Paralysis
  4. Answers From A Syringe
  5. Radial Lacerations
  6. Mirror Syndrome
  7. Conscious In A Coma
  8. Infants In Plastic
  9. Cordia
  10. Shattering Man
  11. Creation...

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