•  Lasting Efforts

Lasting Efforts

LP (Color Vinyl) / CD

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Patient Zero Records is proud to present "Lasting Efforts," the second full-length by Massachusetts hardcore veterans Crafter. Their first full-length, "Embrace," was a work of pure hardcore genius driven by values and a strong DIY ethic. Now, with progression, comes a heavier, darker side of Crafter with a strong, emotionally driven standpoint that only singer/author Kyle Taylor can bring, through his passion for evoking thoughts through words for the betterment of all humanity. Now available on CD.
Track Listing :
  1. Refuse To Be
  2. Collecting Losses
  3. What's Left To Learn
  4. Lasting Efforts
  5. No Actton Taken
  6. Parting Statements
  7. Waking Hours
  8. Trying Our Souls
  9. Burning On The Doorstep
  10. Rupture
  11. Whatever It Takes

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