•  Foundation: The Discography
Hard Stance

Foundation: The Discography

LP (Color Vinyl / Grey)

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Hard Stance was a crucial starting point for members that would end up inspiring a scene that still runs strong today. And don't be mistaken to assume that inspiration was their only contribution, members remained active outside of Hard Stance by playing in such scene stalwarts as Inside Out, No For An Answer, Chain Of Strength, Statue, Farside, and even heading out with Gorilla Biscuits for a tour. This collection contains all their recorded output. LP includes digital download. This is the grey vinyl version.
Track Listing :
  1. Face Reality
  2. Horizons
  3. Discrepency
  4. Clash Of Views
  5. No One To Blame
  6. Enemies
  7. Quick To Judge
  8. Our Turn
  9. Is This The End
  10. Torn Apart
  11. Strength Through Strife
  12. Hard Stance/Intro
  13. Stand Tall
  14. Discrepency
  15. Not Me
  16. People Of The World
  17. Adding To The Wall
  18. On My Feet
  19. End The Hate
  20. Foundation (live)

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