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Vision Of Disorder


LP (180 Gram Color Vinyl / Import)

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"Imprint," originally released on July 14, 1998, was the second album by metalcore/hardcore band Vision Of Disorder. It was their last album released while signed to Roadrunner Records; it remains their best-selling album to date. The album is also known for its popular song "By The River" in which singer Tim Williams has a duet with Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo. Now available again on 180 gram colored vinyl and numbered out of 1,000 copies. Imported from the Netherlands.
Track Listing :
  1. What You Are
  2. Twelve Steps To Nothing
  3. Landslide
  4. By The River
  5. Imprint
  6. Colorblind
  7. Rebirth Of Tragedy
  8. Locust Of The Dead Earth
  9. Up In You
  10. Clone
  11. Jada Bloom

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