•  Death By Television
The Lillingtons

Death By Television


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The now-legendary pop punk record is back in print. Considered one of the three best records from the entire genre, "Death By Television" brought The Lillingtons out of Wyoming and into the hearts of punk rock fans. Don't take our word for it: ask around, people love absolutely love these guys.
Track Listing :
  1. War Of The Worlds
  2. Don't Trust The Humanoids
  3. Black Hole In My Mind
  4. I Saw The Apeman (On The Moon)
  5. X-Ray Specs
  6. Invasion Of The Saucermen
  7. You're The Only One
  8. I Need Some Brain Damage
  9. Codename: Peabrain
  10. Phantom Maggot
  11. Robots In My Dreams
  12. Murder On My Mind
  13. Caveman
  14. I Came From The Future

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