•  Cropduster


LP (180 Gram Color Vinyl / Import)

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In the form of their ninth full-length record in the band's long career, Adolescents deliver their most angry, crushing, and yet astute album. The 18-track-strong invasion hits right where it hurts and doesn't only deal with the band's unbridled hatred toward the current head of state of the US, but also holds a mirror to the world in which too many stubborn people unfortunately don't dare to look. And while looking at the daily news, it seems that Adolescents will never run out of inspiration. Imported from Germany.
Track Listing :
  1. Queen Of Denial
  2. Quicksand Blaster
  3. Flat Earth Stomp
  4. Just Because
  5. Sunspot Screams
  6. Alice On Wonderbread
  7. Disease
  8. Cropduster
  9. Gazetteer
  10. Nuclear Football
  11. Choke And Killswitch System
  12. Miranda Panda
  13. 5150 Or Fight
  14. Paradigm Bag Junkies
  15. Black Kiss
  16. Digital Toybox
  17. Room 223
  18. Prey For Armageddon

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