•  First Light
The Ratchets

First Light

LP (Color Vinyl) / CD

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The Ratchets want you to know that they've rolled back into town. Guitars in tow, their new record "First Light" in hand, they're ready to continue pushing their musical boundaries to deliver on their unique brand of punk that fans have come to know and love. This album is fresh, full of hooks, artful lyrics, and politically - with everything going on in the world - is just on-point. Vinyl version includes digital download and is limited to 400 copies.

Track Listing :
  1. Gotta Be Cool
  2. Drone Control
  3. Bad Vibes
  4. 2-4-6-8 Motorway
  5. Dotard At The Dial
  6. World Trade Lungs
  7. Paterson
  8. Fiscal Spliff
  9. Stray Emotions
  10. War Office No. 9
  11. Jammyland

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