•  A Patient Man
Cult Leader

A Patient Man

LP (Color Vinyl)

  • $18.00

From the first hits of opener "I Am Healed," Cult Leader takes listeners on a sonic roller-coaster ride. While the technical proficiency is impressive, it's in their use of dynamics where they truly shine. They prove that aggressive music still has much to offer the world in terms of originality, creativity, and emotion. This is the indie store exclusive version on black and red marble vinyl.
Track Listing :
  1. I Am Healed
  2. Curse Of Satisfaction
  3. Isolation In The Land Of Milk And Honey
  4. To: Achlys
  5. A World Of Joy
  6. Craft Of Mourning
  7. Share My Pain
  8. Aurum Reclusa
  9. A Patient Man
  10. The Broken Right Hand Of God

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