•  This Is Fine
Well Wisher

This Is Fine

LP (Color Vinyl) / CD

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From the opening notes of Well Wisher's debut full-length, "This Is Fine," it's clear the band is not afraid to brandish mighty guitar riffage front and center. In fact, they tiptoe perfectly between sounds that, on hasty assessment, could be classified singularly as punk, alternative, or even pop rock; yet, they seem to draw only the best elements of each, avoiding the less desirable pitfalls associated with these genres. The resulting sound is ambitious and raw, dynamic, and powerful. Vinyl version includes download.
Track Listing :
  1. Believe
  2. Sweet
  3. Why Not You
  4. Sad Like Me
  5. I Know Better
  6. Right As Rain
  7. Leave Me Like You Do
  8. All My Love
  9. Half Bad
  10. Waste My Time

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