•  Nothing Blues

Nothing Blues

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Formed in 2012 by longtime friends Marc Bannes (vocals, guitar), Alex Palermo (bass, vocals), and Kyle McDonald (guitar, vocals), Typesetter quickly became regulars on the DIY touring circuit and began building a catalog of tuneful, yet gritty songs over multiple EPs and their 2014 debut full-length, "Wild's End." As the band's lineup evolved, so did their sound, and with the additions of Sarah Bogosh (keyboards, trumpet, vocals) and Matt Gonzalez (drums), a colorful new wash of atmosphere and dynamics began to saturate the band's anthemic punk. On "Nothing Blues," Typesetter dives headfirst into this new territory with Palermo and Gonzalez providing the driving rhythmic backbone for Bannes and McDonalds' walls of shimmering reverb and distortion, while Bogosh's synths add a dreamy flourish rarely heard in tandem with the directness of punk. Vinyl version includes download.
Track Listing :
  1. Monogamy I (Gliss Happening)
  2. Real Conversations With Imaginary Friends
  3. Regardless
  4. See The Light
  5. Technicolor
  6. Monogamy II (Bad Actor)
  7. Only
  8. White Noise
  9. Marigold
  10. Viva

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