•  Jackhammering Deathblow Of Nightmarish Trepidation

Jackhammering Deathblow Of Nightmarish Trepidation


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These Houston, TX, monsters of grindcore mayhem refuse to settle for anything other than pure, unleashed grindcore (Naplam Death/Carcass) tinged with a raw, death-metal punishment of classic Kreator. This new recording devastates with whirlwind, raw guitars and guttural puking vocals by founding member Dave Callier. Brian Fajardo's precise, jaw-dropping attack on the drums delivers as always, melting ears and stirring a sense of pure awe at his talent. Limited edition of 500 copies.
Track Listing :
  1. Drowned In The Harbor
  2. Anti-Humanistic Cull
  3. Blare Of Interminable Tinnitus
  4. Odious Demagoguery
  5. Synaptic Nebula
  6. Instant Urban Self-Interment
  7. Dissolution Of Rights, Part 6
  8. Lost In A Lethean Fog
  9. Cannisterized Comingled Ash
  10. Eyes Of Corrupted Zeal
  11. Splintered Cell Transit Bombing
  12. Willingly Relegated To An Unremarkable Termination
  13. Industry Of Convalescent Death
  14. Pulsating Trepidation
  15. Idealized Incomprehension
  16. Gulf Coast Massacre
  17. In The Clutches Of Unrepentant Ignorance

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