•  4-Way Split

4-Way Split


  • $21.20

A split release between heavyweights House Of Low Culture (featuring Aaron Turner of Isis), Caustic Touch, Daniel Menche, and EMS. Despite having recorded separately, the tracks on this split flow together as though the album had been written and recorded as a collaboration. The result is a beautiful, haunting, and extraordinarily cohesive assemblage of experimental noise. LP includes digital download.
Track Listing :
  1. House Of Low Culture - The Pervasive Mind
  2. Caustic Touch - Desiccating Wind
  3. Caustic Touch - Coarse Harrowing
  4. Caustic Touch - Even Now, Morning Will Not Come
  5. Daniel Menche - Is She Electroplasm?
  6. EMS - Hierarchy Of Bodies

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